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FLStudioProjects is a marketplace where producers, music studio managers, multimedia developers, music students, video editors, creative leaders and who would like to make their own tunes can buy music templates based on the FL Studio software.

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We’ve simplified music producing

Browse our projects, preview, and purchase online with a credit card or Paypal account. Then, download your music’s project file immediately!
There is no need for mixing or specialized knowledge since our music templates are already mixed and mastered in standard quality. If you wish to apply any changes to the structure of the music, it can be easily achieved. Open the project file in the FL studio, add your favorite sounds/samples/effects and configure it in your own style.


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It’s all about time and music production

Time is priceless, we don’t sell it but, we prepare an enjoyable condition for a better and faster process of music production. Ready-made music projects can give you an opportunity to make your music quickly, with its help you can:

  • Produce music/sound/beat and configure it in whatever style you like. BROWSE GENRES
  • Create soundtracks for use in video games, movies, short films, documentaries, art videos, smartphone apps, website applications, and commercials. BROWSE MOODS
  • Learn advanced production techniques/tips and improve YOUR skills.
  • Spark your creativity and boost your efficiency.
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Learning what you want to see more of, what inspires you, what’s important when you shop and even what needs you might have that our products can support, all help us as we make for YOU.


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Do you produce music with FL Studio and you would like to SELL your project files? So sell your FL Studio projects through our store.